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Vince Weavers


Ghost Fin is the brainchild of our Founder Vince. A surfer since he could swim, Ghost Fin is the culmination of Vince’s time on the sea, dedication to the environment and first-hand experience of seeing the devastating effects ghost nets can have on the underwater environment.

Vince has made a pledge to protect the place he spends more time on than dry land, a long standing supporter of Surfers Against Sewage and Sea Shepherd. Furthermore Vince is passionate about taking action today to save tomorrow.

Vince recalls taking his children to the cinema in 2020 for the screening of David Attenborough's: A Life on Our Planet, he recalls his youngest son Myles emotional and connected reaction to some of the content. After leaving the cinema Myles said to Vince "Daddy, it's not good enough, we have to do things differently".

The Idea of Ghost Fin was born and Myles sees this as doing something different. Acting today to save tomorrow.

Vince Weavers
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