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Products with Purpose!

Updated: Apr 24

Hi there, Ghost Riders! Nice to welcome you back to our little corner of the internet again.

ok so more story telling from us about why everything we do, promote and offer links back to our vision and mission! furthermore it also aligns with our values and beliefs as individuals, families, team and business to support a more respectful, mindful and eco conscious way of living.

Our team works hard to support the eradication of and raise awareness of Ocean Plastic Pollution. Since 2021, our team has been on a journey to develop surf, paddle and wakeboard fins produced entirely from end-of-life fishing nets, ghost fishing nets and marine plastic waste. Our mission is to turn the tide on marine plastic pollution. We will do this by removing plastic pollution and turning it into fins using innovative low energy production methods.

So a little more about how our other (non fin) products support our way of living, vision and mission.


Ghost Rider Tee

Awesome style, inspiring graphic, powerful message and mindfully made in 100% Organic cotton for a clear conscience.


Compass Beanie - Recyled Polyester

Compass, our first ever beanie! Inspired by our founders son, who is our moral compass. Made from Recycled Polyester. Ghost Fin Logo embroidered on cuff in black.


Finnegan Ocean Guardian - Cotton Cord

Our Ghost Fin Logo 'Finnegan' Inspired by our mission. Finnegan is an iconic symbol for the guardians of the oceans. Healthy ocean's, seas and rivers are essential to all life on Earth! The design is clean & simple, hand made and cast in 100% recycled sterling silver. Our Finnegan charm can be strung on a choice of our 3 brand colours; Azure, Black & Coral using recycled cotton cord.


please read our recent blog post on clothing sustainability, to help us share our story of what products with purpose means. link here

Each product purchased is shipped using minimal compostable packaging with a personalised thank you card.

profits from products purchased are going straight back into the Research, development and innovation of our fins, Your support means the world to us.

For all our latest updates and news, you’re already in the right place, but be sure to keep up with our activity over on Instagram & Facebook.

finally a huge thank you to you all for subscribing. Please spread the ghost fin word and let’s help our oceans and marine life.

Thank you,

Vince Weavers - Ghost Fin Founder

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