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Hi there, Ghost Rider! Nice to have you in our little corner of the internet. Hats off to you for making a step in the right direction, a step toward a cleaner planet, by signing up to get our latest news and sustainability chit-chat.

If you’ve made it this far you’ll know that protecting our planet, our oceans and cleaning things up is exactly what we’re about. We want to take out what is doing harm and put it back – yep, you heard that right – put it back but in a way that helps to make sure our planet will be here for future generations to enjoy.

If you still don’t really know what Ghost Fin is, but like the sound of doing your bit for the environment, let us fill you in.

What is Ghost Fin? Well…

Quite simply it is the UK’s first board fin made entirely out of recycled ghost nets – these are the discarded fishing nets from commercial boats that float around between seabed and the surface destroying pretty much everything they touch. The fewer of them there are in the ocean the better and that’s where Ghost Fin comes in.

An innovative board fin – the technology of which we’re hoping to develop into further water sports products – Ghost Fin is coming soon to help everyone that uses and enjoys the waters that make up planet Earth actively make a positive change to help turn the tide on pollution.

Ghost Fin itself is produced sustainably in the UK, with a minimal carbon footprint. Created by physically removing the ghost nets that damage our natural world, we are essentially altering how these pollutants look and act, before putting them back in the ocean again. In their repurposed form the ghost nets as Ghost Fins, will not only aide the fight to save our oceans but make enjoying them totally guilt free for anyone who rides a board.

For all our latest updates and news, you’re already in the right place, but be sure to keep up with our daily activity over on Instagram.

Thank you,

Vince Weavers - Ghost Fin Founder

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