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The Story So Far...

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Hi there, Ghost Riders! Nice to welcome you back to our little corner of the internet.

ok so where are we at? For those of you who follow our social media channels there may be some repetition.

1) Production of 1 of 2 prototypes was complete in Q1 2022. Our 3D printed FinnEgan is currently under going testing. Our second design will be ready for testing Q1 of 2023.

2) Our testers are lined up and ready to go. We will be producing a small batch of fins for our testers to put through their paces and also provide quality feedback. Target for Q2-Q3, 2023.

3) We aim to have our first batch of B2B and customer fins available to purchase by Q4 2023.

4) we are also writing a book targeted at primary schools to help promote the issue of plastic pollution and what we are doing to help solve this.

5) We are also going to be offering own brand sustainable merch including tees and reusable water bottles.

6) breaking news! our online store is live, you can purchase gift cards redeemable for all products online, with no expiry date.

For all our latest updates and news, you’re already in the right place, but be sure to keep up with our daily activity over on Instagram & facebook.

finally a huge thank you to you all for subscribing. Please spread the ghost fin word and let’s help our oceans and marine life.

Thank you,

Vince Weavers - Ghost Fin Founder

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