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Important Announcement

Dear Ghost Fin Community,

It is with mixed emotions that we share this news today. Ghost Fin has made the decision to cease trading with immediate effect.

Our journey began with a deep commitment to making a change in the fight against ocean pollution. Inspired by a heartfelt conversation between our founder Vince Weavers and his son, Myles, we embarked on this incredible mission to protect our oceans.

To each and every one of you who supported and followed us on this extraordinary journey, we offer our heartfelt gratitude. Your unwavering support, dedication, and shared passion have been invaluable.

Ghost Fin was more than just a company; it was a movement, an advocate for ocean health, and a challenger to the status quo of surfboard fin manufacturing. Our products symbolized change and the promise to protect our oceans for generations to come.

Though we're taking this challenging step, the values Ghost Fin stood for will continue to inspire us and others in the broader sustainability movement. We remain unwavering in our commitment to the cause of ocean health, and we hope to see the impact of our mission carried forward by like-minded individuals and organizations.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Your support and enthusiasm will forever be cherished, and the impact of Ghost Fin's mission will ripple through the waves and in the hearts of ocean lovers worldwide.


With immense gratitude,

vince Weavers
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